Session: Fuorine-containing novel drugs and intermediates

1. Overview of recent development of fluorinated novel drugs and intermediates in the world and China;

2. The R&D situation, applications, and new varieties of fluorinated herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides;

3. Global pesticide product registration trends and registration status of hot products;

4. Analysis of novel fluorinated pesticides and pharmaceutical patents;

5. R&D progress and market analysis of downstream pesticides in the fluoropyridine industry chain;

6. The application of fluorinated blocks in the synthesis of fluorinated drugs;

7. The latest research progress on difluoromethylation reaction;

8. The latest R&D of fluorine-containing intermediate technologies such as microchannels;

9. Optimization of lead compounds for fluorinated drugs;

10. Research on green fluorine phase technology;

11. Synthesis Research on the high-end fluorinated reagents;

12. Research progress in photocatalytic fluorination synthesis of pharmaceutical and chemical intermediates;

13. Research and application of hexafluoropropanol and its derivatives;

14. Research and development of fluorinated anti-tumor drugs;

15. Research and market analysis of fluorinated drug raw materials;

16. Progress in R&D of quinolone intermediates;

17. The latest R&D progress and market analysis of fluorinated small molecule targeted drugs;

18. Market and prospects of fluorinated anti-infective drugs

19. Research and application of ethyl trifluoroacetate and its downstream products

20. Other hot topics about fluorine-containing novel drugs and intermediates.


Session: Fluorine-containing e-materials

1. Development and substitution research of electronic fluorination solution;

2. Separation and purification technology of fluorine-containing wet e-chemicals;

3. Key technologies analysis for the preparation of electronic grade HF;

4. The current status of technological development in the etching solution field of

fluorine-containing wet e-chemicals;

5. Research on fluoropolymer for advanced electronic packaging;

6. evelopment progress and application of fluorine-containing materials for semiconductors and liquid crystal displays

7. Research on high-purity fluorine-containing gases for semiconductor chips;

8. Research on anti-fouling, anti-fingerprint fluororesin and coating agents;

9. The latest R&D progress and market status of fluorinated lithium salts

10. Applications and development trends of PVDF in the electronic field;

11. Application requirements of copper clad panels for fluorine materials;

12. Other hot topics about fluorine-containing e-materials.


Session: High-end and special fluoropolymer

1. Research on preparation methods and applications of fluorinated polyimide;

2. The application of high-end fluoropolymer in the hydrogen energy industry;

3. Progress in ynthesis technology of PFA for semiconductors;

4. Ppreparation methods and applications of ETFE, PFA, and PCTFE;

5. Progress in the preparation and application of high-performance luoroether rubber;

6. The synthesis and market potential of perfluorocarbonic acid resin;

7. Preparation and performance evaluation of perfluoropolyether derivatives;

8. Research on the synthesis of fluorinated additives and application in high-end lubricating oils;

9. Research and application of PTFE hollow fiber membrane;

10. Application research of ePTFE membrane;

11. The development trend of fluorine materials in the automotive industry;

12. Research and prospects of fluorinated elastomers in the cables field;

13. Customized high-performance fluoroplastics for the medical and beauty industry;

14. Analysis of PFAS international regulatory control updated;

15. Prospects of technical application of FEVE fluorocarbon powder coatings;

16. Development progress of PFOA alternatives;

17. Research and prospects of fluoropolymer for aerospace field;

18. The current application of fluorine materials in the construction field;

19. Market demand analysis of ETFE's main application areas;

20. The development trend of fluoropolymer in mechanical industry.